What do you think my art be worth?

I’m thinking of starting commissions and I already came up with prices buried also want it to be reasonable…Keep in mind I’m also not doing it in episode style but more do in like my own style but I only have like a little bit of shoulders up type art…


Lowkey got more* but they don’t have my watermark on it.

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Lip credits: @/episode.leslie for third one I think

Your art is good but there is room for improvement. Don’t be disheartened from me saying that, every artist always has room for improvement, myself included. You could open commissions now but I’d advise to work on your style. Watch tutorials and ask for help from other artists to learn other various shading techniques. :yellow_heart:


Something about your art is different and you have your own unique style. So, I would say around $25-$30. I voted 20 since that’s the highest on the poll lol.


its hard to say a price on the traced episode art because that you cant sell.


Thank you and I totally agree :joy: I’ve been looking at art and then looking at mine to see what else I can improve on and change but this definitely helps.

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omg :pleading_face: tysm

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Haha that’s true, lowkey ain’t tryna catch a case :new_moon_with_face::skull:

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