What do you think of different accents?


What do you all think of different accents? Which accents are your favourite?

I’m curious to find out but please do not write any posts that will hurt anyone’s feelings.


I’ve always found it amazing when different people have different accents. It’s one of the things which make us unique as individuals.

I have an Australian accent because I was raised there my whole life, however any type of accent interests me. Accents give me a sense of feeling about how big the world is, and all the wonderful countries and the wide variety of cultures there are.


I have a British accent.


I have an Irish accent


i don’t have an accent, unless you think America has an accent too.

i can pull off a startlingly accurate Chinese accent, though, im guessing because im half Chinese…


Many people can tell that I’m Cuban, because I have a “Cuban Accent.” (There’s no Cuban accent though.)


I was told I have a California - Accent.

What the hell is a California accent . . . like . . . I always thought that, (maybe I am being a bit not open minded) but I didn’t have an accent. Like what do I say differently?


I do find a problem bc of my accent to be honest, I am egyptian and I have never practised english in travelling and etc. Maybe just few words that we repeat but to talk all in english is a bit difficult, I say a lot of arabic words in between. Although I am in an english school and I study everything in english, so u can say I am better in writing it than talking in it.


America definitely has an accent.


“AuSTraLiAns DoNt HaVE AccEnts” - says every Australian


I have a British accent and pronounce some words in an Essex accent because I grew up in Southend and people will never stop correcting me now that I’ve moved. :roll_eyes: :joy:


My voice is kinda hoarse, it’s got the same voice quality as any stereotypical new joisey smoker lady, except without the accent and with a higher cadence because I’m a kid. I’ve been told it sounds like nancy cartwright (the lady who does bart simpson’s voice) except with less drawl. I actually have a mongo weird surfer dude voice tic, so I say the word dude more than I breathe, and some other things like “chyeah” and “brah”. I swear it sounds way less goofy irl, I never really lived in the west coast though so I’m innocent!

My sister goes to a university in good ol’ brit, so she’s caught the accent bug. She pronounces her t’s, says word with more of an “ah” sound than the usual murican “eh” sound, the whole wazoo. She hasn’t gotten to the point yet where she’s one of those posh people who say “Exetaaaaahhh” instead of “Exeter” yet, phew.

Also I do this really weird thing where sometimes I interject my sentences with the canadian “eh?” which is sort of an “ey?” sound, different the usual british “eh”. It’s super fucking weird, I don’t have any canadian relatives or anything, it just came out of nowhere!

Ok wow sorry for this huge linguistically accurate analysis on my voice lmfao I did NOT expect for this to turn into an essay.


i’m from california too, and i sound like every other american lmao! i guess some people think Californians talk differently?


They might say that but they definitely do. After I moved overseas people are always pointing it out. It was okay the first couple of times but it’s actually getting quite irritating now.

Some people are even like, “Why do you have an Australia accent?” Um maybe because I just do? :roll_eyes::joy:


Well, as a fellow Aussie I’m guilty of saying that every time someone says I have an accent :face_with_hand_over_mouth: But that’s because I don’t have a bogan accent and if you don’t have an Aussie bogan accent, then you really don’t have an accent hahaha


But I guess even if you have different pronunciations, people consider it to be your accent. Not everyone pronounces the same word the same way. For eg. the word “sure.” Aussie’s pronounce it as “shore,” some pronounce it as “shere.” Others pronounce it as “shuere.”

But if you don’t pronounce a word the same way as someone else then that person says, “Oh you have a different accent.”


I’m from the US and obviously I don’t feel like we have accents, but we do. I don’t really have much of an “accent” like a southern accent, and I don’t have a jersey or ny accent, but I do say things like “down the shore” which is apparently only a jersey thing??? But honestly I love any accent? They all sound so cool like WOW


Does Indian accent count? We say “God, you’re great!” as “God Tussi Great Ho!” We follow Brit English most of the time. And also stumble over various complex pronunciations. Like the word ‘Anemone’, the correct pronunciation is ‘ah-ne-mo-nee’, I used to say ‘anni-manni’ before my Biology teacher corrected me in 7th grade during an inter-school Biology quiz…in front of the whole auditorium :triumph:


Non-rhotic accents amuse me. They remind me of small children that cannot say their 'r’s properly. XD

I shouldn’t really talk.
I have had Minnesotans point out my Minnesota accent and say that it is strong Sometimes people ask me if I am Canadian; maybe that is because I used to live in northern Minnesota. :man_shrugging:

Whenever I try to put on an RP accent, I end up sounding like Scarlett O’Hara instead. XD

There are a lot of American accents, and, yes, you Californians have one. :smirk:


People in America say that my British accent sounds like an Australian accent.