What do you think of my background?

I tried to make the inside of the car (Btw I still don’t know if I should call it INT becuase it’s inside of a car or EXT. becuase cars are outside)

If you wish you can also use this background no need to credit but I would preffer it that way.


The front seats need to have a gap, plus the edges are really bad cut, so try to fix a little bit, but still nice work.

And it doesn’t really matter if its INT or EXT tbh

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Thanks … but does it look good enough for being in a story? Since I can’t edit it anymore

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The edges are a bit rough, maybe smoothen it out a bit? Just a little bit annoying. And make it INT since it’s the interior of a car :joy:

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If you’re willing and you still have the pictures, I could maybe redo it for you.

Yeah, sure!

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No need @kaktay convinced me and I think it’s good enough :slight_smile:

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Okay then that’s fine :smiley: good luck with your story!

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Thank you … I’m not really good at drawing something online or photoshop, now I know I could never be a surgeon becuase it requires steady hands and to perfectly crop a painint it also requires that, however I made this after hours of not being able to find anybody who made this background or overlay that was in the right size. I found a resized verion once but it looked strange so out of frustration I made this one in a little bit over an hour on picmonkey with a free account

It takes practice so don’t give up yet on being a surgeon. I mean, we grow up with unsteady hands so if you compare your handwriting then and now it shows how much you changed lol. Just practice and I’m sure you’ll be able to achieve your dreams of becoming a surgeon. :slight_smile: And a tip- don’t rush lol, just take your time or get back to it later if you run out of time.

Lol being a surgeon wasn’t my dream XDD I just said, welp, I can never be a surgeon with this hands but they’ll do good for accounting or giving people Fs or hacking … Depends which way I want to go.

Turst me my aunt is a nurse and my cousin is right now studying Medicine and the things they learn and the soze of the books they need to learn and how many things they need to learn and how hard it is , I never wanted to be a surgeon nor even a nurse.

Oh okay lol :joy:

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