What do you think of my cover (Feedback)?


I wanna hear feed back of this cover i made for my new story( tips to make it better). I also drew the two kissing btw.


amazing! Did you draw that yourself?!


That’s really good! :two_hearts:


This is so perfect!! I can’t even think of something that needs to be improved :hushed:
You are really talented so keep up the good work :sparkling_heart:


Wow! It’s so good!! :grin:


Yeah i drew it on my phone and thanks :slight_smile:


tysm :slight_smile:


The only things I could think of are tiny things like there are some little bits which aren’t coloured because the teensy tiny area has just been missed lol but it’s amazing anyways!


Lovin the art style :eyes:


thank you and i’ll get those areas :slight_smile:


thank you very much


Do you draw by hand too?


Woahhhhhhhh amazing

wanna join an art group?!


Yeah but its not totally mine mine because i looked up cute tumblr couple city and the drew on top of that but made a lot of changes (it was in black and white but that just one of the changes i made).


Whats the art group called?


Pls, can you post some examples :grin:




Episode studio. Let’s pm each other if you are interested


What do you mean by examples?


Yeet soph