What do YOU think of my first story?

Title: Online Status

Description: Your best friend (over the console) flirts with you. He’s nice, cute, funny, what wouldn’t you want? Find out when you see what he thinks of you, what you think of him…

Story Type: Romance

I am SO up for constructive criticism right now. Especially with the description. I only had the ruff idea of it so… The story IS true surprisingly, I know it’s hard to believe. I couldn’t believe it happened to me either. It happened back in 2018, I’m still friends with the guy, he’s still my best friend (over the console) lol


I guess I’m more confused than anything… are they supposed to like or hate eachother? pretend to like eachother but actually hate eachother? is it a gaming story? what would make the story unique from other romances?