What do you think of my FT idea?

I’ve decided that I want to join the FT contest. This will be my first ever contest, and it’s huge for me, so I wanted to know whether my idea would even make the cut or not. My story will be based of an African folktale (more like Zimbabwean, actually) and here’s what it’s about!

The folktale, loosely retold

So, there’s a leopard that’s been trapped in a cage by villagers because it’s been caught killing the sheep, lambs and other animals. It’s been starved and it’s on the brink of death when a kind-hearted man passes the cage. The leopard calls out to the man and asks him for help, when the man initially refuses but is fooled by the leopard’s pitiful nature The leopard also promises not to eat the man, and be a ‘slave’ to him for his kindness. However, as soon as the man unlocks the cage, the leopard pounces on him and is about to eat him when the man proposes an idea: that he asks the next three people he meets whether the leopard should eat him or not. The leopard agrees.

They first encounter a cow. When asked whether it’s fair or not, the cow grumbles and complains how humans are unfair because they take her milk, overwork her then kill her when she’s old for meat, and insists that the leopard kills the man. Next, they talk to a tree (I know, this is insane, but yeah). The tree also complains about how humans take it’s fruits without it’s consent, then chop it down to make furniture, houses, etc. It also says that the leopard should eat the man. By now, the man is sweating and the leopard is sharpening it’s claws, but the man tells the leopard to be patient and moves on to the next creature.

The next animal they meet is a jackal. When the jackal is told the story, he acts stupid and asks that they repeat themselves. They tell him again, and again he acts stupid, telling them to rephrase. The leopard gets mad, then quickly rephrases the question, then the jackal acts confused again and says that since he has no feel of the setting, he can’t understand and asks them to act it out. They return to the beginning of the scene where the leopard gets back in the cage to show the jackal how it started. As soon as the leopard gets back in, the jackal locks the cage and tells the human to go, while saying that the leopard should rot there forever and ever more :crazy_face:

Here is my story idea

So, you’re the best lawyer in the city, when one day your friend calls you and says she needs help. You go to her aid, only to see her at a crime scene and covered in a man’s blood. When you agree to be her lawyer for the case she claims was self-defense, she frames you for the murder, and now you have to find a lawyer in time for your upcoming trial. All the lawyers you approach won’t help you, but you don’t stop trying. I unfortunately can’t say more because of spoilers.

Please, please, please tell me if this idea has been used before, and if you have any criticism, the like. :sweat_smile:


Hello! First if all, I like your story idea. Though I think you can’t say it was self defense if she’s framing the MC. Because it would be confusing for me.
And for the folktale, it sounds more like one of Aesop’s fables. And I’m not sure how you’re going to mix it with your story but I like that tale too. :blush: But I’m not 100% sure if it fits for the contest.

Good luck & Stay safe

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Thank you so much for the feedback. I guess I wouldn’t use this story idea for the contest, but just as another regular story, if that works :blush:

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The story you are using as a base is actually an Indian fairytale named the The Tiger, the Brahmin and the Jackal

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Thanks for telling me! I’ll think of another storyline instead :smiley:

@Sydney_H, please close this thread. Thank you!

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Closed by OP request. :smiley: