What do you think of my outline?

What do you think of it? This is my second try. I’m trying to get better.

People who could give feedback


What surface do u work on computer, tablet, phone, etc.?

IT looks nice!! but it looks kinda pixelated.
Try using ibisPaint X for outlines

I suggest to try and make as little lines as possible because it looks like u have a bunch of small lines for everything when I could have 1 thin even straight line

I did it in my phone.

I did use ibisPaintX tho.

Okay. Thanks.

Use the dip pen hard brush

Also use I larger canvas to have more details and less pixelation

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Okey dokey.

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the lines are very pixelated and im trying to get my head around why you only coloured the lips? the thickness changes around the face to very big and the reast is small - use the same thickness for everything or only change it a bit. there are random spots on her face - the eraser can fix this! other than that its good for a second try