What do you think of my story idea?

So I need some feedback on my storyline. My story idea is:

You are a young girl who is abused, and your only escape is music. You make covers on YouTube and Instagram. What happens when one goes viral? Plot twist: You’re a single mother without any parenting help.

If you have event/storyline ideas, let me know :slight_smile:

Hmm… It sounds pretty good and I would probably read it but the single parenting thing just isn’t my cup of tea. I would suggest showing her dealing with depression or suicidal thoughts/self harming in a way that doesn’t glorify it. And maybe the use of emotive hardcore, or ‘emo’, music could really set the scene.
Overall, 8/10 idea that could be great, but I personally wouldn’t read it if the young girl had to deal with her child… Maybe have it be her sibling?

Doesn’t sound that bad

I decided that the single parenting was a bit much, so I deleted that part. xD I chose a sibling, instead. Specifically one that went missing when she was younger, and she’s still looking for him. Does that sound better?

Yes!! Thanks for reading my suggestion :slight_smile: Feel free to ask me for anything, I’ll help if I can. Can you tell me when it’s published? I can’t wait to read it.

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with good directing and writing, i think it could be pretty good, but i think it seems a little… too much. just a little.

there are countless stories across the internet about abused girls, youtube singers, and single mothers. and you just… pushed them all together. if that’s what you’re into, then that’s totally okay, but it just doesn’t sound all that original. obviously, abuse is very serious and all, but it’s been done before. i just don’t see how it’ll be different from all the others. the singing is nice, but it’s lacking a personal spin, and the “plot twist” is a very common cliche that is all over Episode and other websites.

it’s fine if you like that kind of story, but it just seems pretty unoriginal to me.

I decided to change it into her being the only girl in the entire world with superpowers. There’s this guy that hates her guts, but is a huge fan of the superhero her. Then, he finds out her secret but doesn’t tell her that he knows. :3 I literally cannot make up my mind, but I think this is the final choice.

that does sound interesting! i would like to point out, though, that you need to figure out exactly why he isn’t telling her so that you can reveal it later :slight_smile:

He isn’t telling her because he wants her to start liking him, without her thinking that he just wants her because she is a superhero. You get what I mean? :joy:

isn’t that why he likes her, though? because she’s a superhero? i thought he hated the civilian her?

Yeah, but he hates her because of bad rumors, but then he realizes that she’s actually a really person and he didn’t give her the chance to show it

ohhh, okay. i get it.

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I think your idea is great. It’s different and one of a kind.

I would change the parent bit, maybe she have a younger sibling? But I like it anyway.

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