What do you think of my story plot?

The MC and LI will be having daydreams about each other for a couple of weeks, they both don’t know each other and they both have serious relationships. Eventually, they will meet, because of these daydreams they will act a bit weird with their partners, the MC and LI will hate each other for being a pain in the ass. But eventually, they will slowly create feeling for each other, but being together won’t be that simple for them.

My story is romance/drama

My story has:

  • The MC and LI are different age
  • University and FBI mixed in
  • No bad and good boy
  • The MC is not a nerd and can stand up for herself
  • No pregnancy
  • No “mean girls”
  • Each character will have own style and I will have characters with different origins, like Asian and so on
  • The MC and LI will CC and the reader will name them
  • Choices wich matter

-> Is it good enough?
-> Are there any cliches?
-> Should I improve something?
-> Would you read it?/ Will it catch ur attention?

(BTW, still looking for a proofreader and narrator/some scenes partner)


I’m not sure, is there a reason why they are having daydreams about each other even though they don’t know each other? for example do they see the future/have visions

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I like the story idea! Lmao why does this sound like the last two episodes of Star Wars.

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see future

haha never watched star wars

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Theres a cute anime movie sort of like this that I love. Id read it
I am a little confused how could the characters be different origins but full CC?
Does that mean they each have spouses that they start falling out of love if you will?

I didnt meat the MC and LI will be having origins, I mean other characters, like friends and so on

Oh shoot I read it so wrong and got so confused

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I think it’s a great idea. You just have to keep developing it. I still have a few questions: What is keeping them apart? Why are they both a pain to each other?
I don’t think there are any cliches. The enemies to lovers can be considered a cliche, but it doesn’t matter as long as you write it well. A cliche story can still be good, even though I wouldn’t consider your story a huge cliche. Just add some twists and turns to make your story even more original and unique than it is now.
Honestly, yes, I would read it. But it doesn’t seem like a complete idea yet, but I know you’re still working on it. It has a lot of potential and seems interesting.
Happy writing! :slight_smile:


thank you, will add plot twists for sure <3

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You have a good plot going there. You won me when you said no bad boys. :stuck_out_tongue:
As far as the overall plot, I recommend you at least subtly reference why they are having daydreams about each other while they don’t know each other. Are they having them because they are somehow each other’s “dream” partner? Did they maybe see each other one time in the farrrrr past? Maybe you already have a set idea, you just want to keep the suspense! I just thought I should throw in these suggestions just in case. :slight_smile:

Thank you, I will add why they are having these dreams for sure:3

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great :smiley: if you want, you can let me know when it’s published and I will check it out!

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sure, it will be out next month and I will let u know <3

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