What do you think of recaps?


What do you think of recaps from the episode before?

So they show the cliffhanger from the end of the last episode


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It honestly depends on the situation. If I haven’t read the last episode in a while, it’s helpful. If I’m continuing a story that I’m late to, it’s annoying. I’d say have an option on whether you want a recap or not


What do you mean by this?


Like if a story’s finished and I’m reading it after it’s published, then it’s annoying


So give a choice to the reader?




I prefer to have a choice, it’s helpful if it’s been a while since I read or since the story was updated but can get tedious if I’m reading the story late.


I agree with @ErinH that it’s helpful to have the choice.

I also think certain author’s who take forever to update should offer a recap because I forget what’s happened if they take more than 2 months to publish