What do you think of side-storylines?

With side-storylines I mean storylines that are seperate from the ‘main’ storyline.

Personally, I don’t mind it but I can see how other readers might find it annoying. :thinking:


I think it is better with side stories because it brings excitement

I think a story is better if it has a side-storyline, but I don’t think I’ve read any stories like this

I can go all day talking about side lines. My story Galileo is pretty much all side-storylines. I call them ‘paths’ and each mancer type has their own path. Some go side to side with the main plot, some go in completely opposite directions- some legit cross the main path and come out the other side ---- and I know that my paths is why my readers like to reread my story so many times because they want to read all the side-storylines.


It depends on what the actual story is about. If the summary leads me to believe it’s pp about the MC and LI falling in love but we spend two episode reading about the MC’s best friend’s dating life and it turns out not to contribute to the plot at all, then I’m not too big on that. But most times it’s nice to see more of the support characters and even better when it adds to the plot

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what is this

No i love it!

Um… Idek. I think a typo :sweat_smile:

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