What Do you think of social experiments?

Some times I think certain types of social experiments are done wrong,
like if you have two people, one is white and one is black, the black one is put in another place to be realistic, the white one in another place.
The thing is,People are different, society isn’t one person, society is different individuals,
this experiment isn’t fully accurate because we took these two people to different places and with different people, if the white person got more money, all we know is is that they got more money.
what we DON’t know is: Would the same people do the same thing to the black man?

If the black and white person switched places, would the same thing have happened, but with the white one getting less money than the black one?

Then, if they did, you have the problem being that they are still going to meet different people, the people that gave the white guy mo’ money aren’t coming back.
So, the black guy might still get less money, but only due to the fact that he dealt with different people, it might tell us about society, how some people are racist, but what if they would have done the same to the white guy?
If we brought those same people back, would the ones that gave the white guy more money give the black guy more money, too?

While the ones that gave the black guy less money, would they give the white guy less, too?

Then, you have to look at the financial status of those people, even if we brought the same people back, what if they don’t have enough money or the money they had left was given to the white guy instead of the black guy? Financial and life problems influences our actions.

Bruh, I didn’t know they did this


first begging is ilegal in my country

and true, you can not prove much with only two people. to really prove a point you have to do it over multiple days in multiple places.

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Sometimes, these “social experiments” are staged. However, saying that, I saw one the other day.

I don’t think it’s fair to record someone without their knowledge or consent. I know in some countries, it is illegal to do so. But then, if they knew what was coming it wouldn’t be a “social experiment”.

On one hand I understand why it’s done. Especially to raise awareness of certain issues, especially taboo ones.

However, as long it doesn’t harm anyone in the process, then I guess it’s okay?

But I agree with you. Society isn’t one person. Everyone will react differently.


If you’re referring to the social experiments seen on Youtube, the majority of those have been proven to be faked and staged. Most of the social experiments I’ve seen have been just low brow racism to me.

Like “Dressing up as a KKK member in the HOOD Social Experiment - (almost died)”

When the video says “hood” it’s really just code for pranking black people.

As far as the social experiment you described, I’m not gonna say race plays a factor in that. I very seldom put the “race” label on stuff. But it could be some just don’t like giving much to homeless people out of fear that money will just be used to buy unsavory stuff like alcohol or drugs or that they’re not really homeless but financially well off people just begging. There’s a lot of scam beggers in my area.

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Bruh, look at this! Someone did exactly what I was talking about! https://youtu.be/Y6JFv3R_vOo did they see this post or something to try to test it out?

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I watched the video. Love how the woman in the end gave her last dollar to the kid.

But like I said the problem with a lot of these videos I have is authenticity. Big youtubers have been outed hiring actors or manipulating the situation to garner a reaction for views. There are good people out there. But reality doesnt always produce content like this.

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