What do you think of the cover?

Okay so I got bored so I tried to make a cover for my DL story and need some opinions
Also please never let me try custom poses again :smiley:


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Obviously I haven’t added the title yet (mainly because I haven’t quite decided on it) and there aren’t many little details so please let me know anything I can add or improve!

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Whilst it’s not bad, it’s clean and tidy and not messy. I’m a little stumped as to the following things…

  • Why is the guy on the left holding a pen? Is that important in some way?

  • There is HUGE height difference between him and the girl.

  • Who is the MC. If it is the girl, then she is massively overcast by both men, when she should be the centre focus.


the female character looks really small in relation to the male one :sweat_smile:


@Cheyara_Skadi @EtherealWitch

• The girl is the mc
• There is supposed to be quite a large height difference with her being quite short and him being relatively tall
• The pen is important because he is an aspiring writer and is more academic

How should I make her look more like the mc on the cover? Should I add more details to her?

Thank you btw! :heartbeat:

Personally, I hate the drastic height difference trope in episode. Especially as the problem with it in the app is that it changes scale everywhere, and in this instance, she appears as a child in my opinion. That’s not being mean, just saying from viewpoint of an audience member for your story, it so far looks like she’s a child.
Adding more detail wouldn’t really show up given the size of her. She needs to be the focus if she’s the MC. You want readers to know who they are reading about, have them drawn in by the cover.

The pen, I get that he is a writer, but it’s not giving writer vibes as much as a random placement. If you want him to appear as an aspiring writer, maybe add more to him, like a book and a pen, and change up the pose so he isn’t just holding a pen.


I like your cover … but the extreme height differences are quite irritating.

Maybe you should make Zeus and his cloud smaller and the two characters in the front bigger.

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@Cheyara_Skadi @KaroME

Okay thank you! I’ll make her a bit bigger now

@Cheyara_Skadi @KaroME

Okay I’ve changed the sizes, I’m just trying to find something to improve the quality of the bottom characters now

Once they’ve gone that small, you won’t be able to save the quality. They will just become blurry. They don’t look much different than in the first ones size-wise. This is your cover so it’s your design and choices that matter. My input is just my opinion, so of course you don’t have to listen if you prefer your own.

To give an idea on a way to make the MC seem more significant in size, and to make the (I’m guessing, relationship) between her and the writer, seem more focal, I’ve made this mock up using some of my characters to show sizes.
Of course you can use more of the body to show arms etc in yours, but it’s for a rough idea. I also made the guy above, semi transparent so that he doesn’t dominate the scene.


How’s this?

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It has barely changed except the man above is now also small.
The majority of the cover is sky now. But I’ve given some suggestions, it’s your decision what to do, so as long as you’re happy with it, then that is what matters :slightly_smiling_face:

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Well I think it’s a lot better now (but it’s your cover … take the one you prefer) because the focus is now more on the boy and the girl in the front and not so much on Zeus. :wink:

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I honestly think it would look much better if the two characters up front were facing each other.

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