What do you think of the spalsh I made?


I did this splash for a story , what do you think of it? Also what should I improve? :sparkling_heart:

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I love it :heart:


It is sooooooo goooood! :heart_eyes:

Personally I think that the lips should be a little different
Maybe it’s just me…


Tysm for the opinion! I will try to improve my lips! Ty agn :smiley: :sparkling_heart:


Tysm! :sparkling_heart:


I love it can I use the outline! For my story!


I think it’s one of the most nice “This story uses sound” splash that I’ve never seen.


I feel like the left eye (not her left) is a little bit too ‘cross eyed’ if you see what I mean, maybe centralize it a teenie bit :slight_smile: other than that its great!!


That’s so sweet ! Tysm! :sparkling_heart:


Tysm for the opinion! I will have that in consideration and try to improve it :sparkling_heart:


What do you mean? You will only use the outline or the whole thing? If only the outline ofc you can! Just credit me <3
If it’s the whole thing I cant let you do it since this may be used for another person’s story however I may do the same splash for you but with your main character details and outfit :sparkling_heart:
Also ty for the opinion :smiley:


Ok I will!