What do you think of this cover


Hi it’s my first time creating a cover and will just like to know if it’s decent enough.


It looks good! :+1:


It looks great! :slight_smile:


Thank you


It’s beautiful! You got talent. :wink: :clap:t4:


It’s pretty!


I love it!


It looks great!


It’s really eye catching and pretty! One piece of feedback I have though is to maybe increase the size of the title and decrease the size of your own name? I was drawn to your name before the title, and I feel like it should be the opposite.


Clean and sets a nice mood. I like it :+1:


Thank you ill do that


Yesssss LOVE IT!


Thank you so much decided to make my name smaller as it was suggested and I’ll upload the new cover once I’m done.


What new cover looks like thank you all for your feedback


Really cool!! :smile:


Looks Amazing!


Closing due to one month of inactivity :slight_smile: