What do you think of this edit


Hey! Out of boredom, I’ve created this edit! What do you think?




If I have to be sincere, the hair don’t feel natural and could be improved.


It’s because the black hair is supposed to transition to the blonde… it’s not supposed to look natural since it’s dyed but thank you!! :grin::heartbeat::unicorn:


I like it


I’m in love with this edit! Only things is try to add some more Contour and highlight. Other than that it looks great!


@Kamorie1027 and @Mimi0829 Thank you all! :grin::heartbeat::unicorn:


no problem


Yeah, I got that, but dyed hair still look some kind of natural. The problem is probably that you can still see the blonde under that black.


There are different types of dyed hair, I went for more of a sprayed-on look :slight_smile: I totally get what you mean though! :grin::heartbeat:


I think it looks good I love it


Thank you!!


Would you like any constructive criticism or just if it’s good or not?


Just the basic good or not :heartbeat:


Okay, then it is.


Thank you !!