What do you think of this scene?



I know this is a very strange question to be asking all of you, but I just want your opinion about a scene that I directed, I’ll post the photo below (I apologise for the horrible resolution)

Feel free to be blunt about it, I just want to know what to improve on.


That looks really good!


From my perspective, your doing great 🖒🖒🖒, keep doing good.


Aww, thanks!


Thank you for your comments! I really appreciate it!


From what I can tell, you spent a lot of time coding that, so keep up the good work!



It took me ages to spot direct the characters on each zone and add overlays for the tables and the chairs, there were additional overlays I also had to add otherwise their feet would be stick out and that would look weird!



Yes, well, great job! I’m sure it’ll be a great scene!


The only thing I would say is why are there three cashiers behind the booth? Usually only one person would be working cashiers, and the other two would be stocking shelves (tinker_rear_loop) or cleaning. Also maybe consider putting the workers in a uniform and taking the bag away because employees aren’t allowed to carry person things around :slight_smile:
Otherwise the overlay use and spot directing is so well done!!


Thank you for pointing it out! I actually didn’t think about it! I appreciate your comment!




It looks great! :smile: that must have taken so much time lol


looks really good!!


looks awesome!! you must be really good at coding


It took so much time and it’s so confusing that at one point I was actually questioning what am I doing lol.


:blush: I simply done what Episode could have done!


@mixingtea To be honest, I’m just a beginner coder, I’ve only started coding a few months ago. I’ve only got the basics so far. Like characters walking in and out, animating overlays and stuff.

It may look like it is hard. Although it’s time-consuming, the reason why people could animate this scenes is that they imagine the scene first, and aim high.

My suggestion is animate the overlay in each zone, finish animating the overlay and character in each zone, otherwise, it would be more confusing.


Don’t worry your not alone :joy: I get confused making episodes so much lol it’s not super easy :blush:


sounds like a great tip thank you


This is soooooo late (idk how this didn’t get archived), but I really like what you’ve done. I usually hate this background because people never spot correctly or use overlays so it looks weird in stories, but it’s nice you went the extra mile to make it look natural :slightly_smiling_face: