What do you think of this situation?

important details I always wear long sleeves and have my extremely long hair down and covering my face. I never smile (that’s a lie I smile sometimes) and people always say I look sad.

story I haven’t been in one of my classes two days in a row so I went today and then after school I went back to turn work in. As I was leaving my teacher asked me if I was ok. I said yes because I am. Then she brought up friendly topics and in between she would ask if I’m ok. Then she told me I should join wrestling because it could relive my stress. But why did she keep asking if I’m ok???

I’m extremelyyyy bad at social cues.


Based off what you said.
You didn’t go to class in two days, you always wear long sleeves shirts and you don’t really smile.

She probably assumed you were going through it. Usually signs like that indicate trouble at home, social life or mental health.
In this case she didn’t want to ignore any possible warning signs.

I think it was great that she kept asking you what’s wrong. Most people or teachers wouldn’t do that.
Based off what you said, I would probably ask you if you were okay as well.

Now my question is: Are you okay? My pms are always open if you want to talk or need someone to listen. :yellow_heart:


I think your teacher probably is worried about you probably because you always look sad so she probably was just jumping to conclusions without realizing that’s just how you look all the time. But i had the same situation i literally never smile or talk to anyone at my school and my teacher literally thought something happened to me because i didn’t show up for school and he couldn’t ask anyone if they knew where I was or people just assume I’m so because I’m quiet all the time.


I’m ok just stressed from school and friends. Thank you :blue_heart:

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No problem!
Well, try not to stress yourself out too much. Friends shouldn’t stress you out. They should help you overcome that.
Also, try to smile more often :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


May I ask why you wear long sleeves all the time?


Because I get cold easily and I just don’t like my body so I wear long baggy clothes.

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Sounds like a teacher who’s genuinely concerned for your well-being. More often than not kids and teens tend to suffer from either natural symptoms caused by their changing bodies and personalities… Or by social issues such as bullying and whatnot.

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