What do you think of this story?


Or should I say my story?
Alright to review you have to read at least first episode.
Here are the information needed:
Title:Sing with me
Description:Tragedy . Can a wounded lover be able to move on and find peace or will everything fade away like the foam of the salted sea?
Published: Yes it is published but maybe I add more episodes to make readers understand the story in details that are important.
Number of episodes: 6 until now…
Somehting fun why you wrote the story:For the thrill of writing, not only to give messages to my readers but to meet you with a story I want people to read.


Link to my story: http://episodeinteractive.com/s/5232918662348800

Thanks again.


So what do you think?
Don’t be shy. Who am I joking .


Hi! :wink: I’ll read and review your story with pleasure if you read mine “H & V: Fake Friend” (http://episodeinteractive.com/s/6167433466478592).


I will read it in the weekend cause I don’t have time . Thanks :slight_smile:


I read the first episode. The spot directing is very good ! :smiley: And the intro is interesting. I liked it because there was a sense of familiarity.Mystery story? Cool. By the way the dog was so cute!
The death of neighbours make it more interesting…
Ok this was the first episode I read .



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