What Do You Think Of This?!

So we all know now about the sad and terrible news:

Honestly, I don’t know what they are thinking. Rping is part of us. It’s not fair for them just take them away. It’s what makes me want to come here more!

Rping is what makes us. It’s a part of us. I don’t get what they are thinking?!

Honestly I’m disappointed with this decision. There might be less people. I don’t like this decision

Comment down below your opinions but please don’t start a fight




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But I’m still disappointed with episode


I feel like the section fit made much more sense than the forum games or most of the general chat. The rp/sg section was at least about writing. If the rp/sg section Has to go, then there are other areas that either should go as well or aren’t far behind the rp/sg section.



This is a separate thread. It’s comments about it

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The episode forums is not my life, obviously I have other things to do but this is not a good idea because this is actually fun to do especially when new games and stuff are happening now.

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