What do you think of this

Can anyone give me feedbacks on this


That’s really good, I love it

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Thank you :grin:

I like the flames on top and on bottom. The font change is also pretty cool!

Before I start anything, I want to say;

  • I’m not trying to offend anyone.
  • I’m not trying to be mean or rude.
  • I don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings.
  • I’m just being honest.
  • It’s an OPINION.

Okay, so the cover is great and all. Nice background and character animations and colors, but here are the things that I took notice of;

  • It doesn’t really make any sense that the guy is just standing there awkwardly. So you might want him to have either a frightened or brave face because of the fire in front of him.
  • The fires coming from top doesn’t really look good. You can copy the fires from down and flip it and paste it on top, but it wouldn’t really make sense for it to be there, so it’s better if you take it off completely.
  • The font for “A Royal” was really nice and I suggest you keep it there, but for “Banger”, the font doesn’t really fit. So I recommend making Banger way smaller and all capitalised and kinda bold with Ariel or any simple font like that. I then suggest to space the letters generously, so it has a nice mix of everything.

Even if you don’t make the changes I just told you about, your cover looks awesome and totally pretty, and remember, what I said was just an opinion and your cover looks so good the way it is.

Thanks for understanding,
-B.ROSE :rose:


Thanks I just need some more characeters to make another one

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