What do you think of this?


So I’ve always wanted to make a post apocalyptic story, but I want to finish my current story, or at least be close to the end of it, before I start a new one, otherwise I’ll scrap the whole of my other story to dedicate my time to another one. But I just couldn’t help myself, so I ended up making a cover for the “upcoming” story…

What do you think? :thinking:
Does it draw you in or make you interested in reading the story?
Is it too simplistic? Idk


Yes! It looks super good and would totally draw me in to read that story!! :grin:


Thought you weren’t interested in LL :joy::joy:


But thanks for the kind feedback :two_hearts:


I’m not but if I was, I would read it lol. :joy:


Nice to know :joy::ok_hand:


I think it looks great, definetly not too simplistic. Maybe you could use a different font? The font you are currently using is kinda blending in with the background and making it a bit hard to read. Other than that, it’s a really nice and attractive cover!


Thanks so much :kissing_heart:


It looks great!
I would click on that. :joy:


It looks freaking epic :sunglasses: If I saw that on a cover, I would for sure check it out :wink: But then again, personally, for me, I try out a story no matter what the cover looks like (heck, sometimes the stories I read on Episode don’t even have covers). Never judge a book by it’s cover ever.


i see u gurl lmao thanks!!