What do you think of using gems in user stories?

  • Absolutely not
  • I’m cool with it
  • It depends on the choices (please explain below)

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I think hardly anyone is spending even there hoarded gems in featured stories. You’d be at zero by the thirteenth chapter.
Even though some disagree even community authors. I’ve heard that gem choices don’t even deduct any gems which depending on how hard the author work is shady, but it still counts as a gem choice which onto the next point
If there’s hardly spending on featured stories and my previous point is false. Community authors only way to get to the paid program is to use those gem choices. doesn’t have to be greed could be for popularity as a author since we don’t know the pay). Also, depending on the reads some only have two-ten gem deduction. So if you find a really good story who’s first time gem choice is good or convenient for the reader I think it should be fine.

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It depends if the reader actually sees the gem choice… Only 15% of app users can actually see them in user stories, which personally changed my stand point on this. I used to be very much against them, but now I’m all about beating episode at their own game since they can’t even be bothered to roll this out fully lol :rofl:


I’m cool with it but it also depends on the choice, y’know?

I think the best way to add gems would doing bonus scenes that can be earned with points, or topping your points because both of these don’t rely on gem choices, and you can still earn them without paying.

But I don’t like this too much, because we can only replay 5 times. And what if someone’s actually so bad at making choices? This is why I’m putting a replay option for minigames, these minigames work as actual games (think of it like Survivor), you can pay and skip it, you win. Or you can replay until you get bored. I think this is the best way to add them, if you can’t be bothered to replay, well that ain’t my fault :new_moon_with_face:


I hate them.

I mostly hate it when its a new author who is not at all popular. its like their first story. no one is gonna pay that gem

and also when its not even worth it. I have not seen this myself but some people has this choice at the end hey support me with a gem. No gems are suppouse to give you an extra scene. if I saw that I would properlu think a B word about the author



A lot of readers are picky on how they want certain outcomes, customisation of characters etc and I know that a lot of authors also want to keep things in their story exactly how they’ve planned it in their minds. I believe having a gem choice that give both options will be beneficial to the author and the readers as those who want the story to go a bit differently can choose gem choices whilst others can also choose to read how the author originally wanted the story to go. It may be a bit more work for the author but at least they get something out of it.

I don’t like pointless gem choices and gem choices that have no effect on the storyline whatsoever. Shouldn’t have added the choice in the first place and now you want to try and take my gems (even though they don’t actually take away my gems lol).


sorry but no. i would click off if i saw one.

So if you’re 85% then you could add gem choices and people wouldnt even know until the 15% stumbles on. Even though it’s crooked. Whether you support it or not would you know?

Even if it didn’t effect the user’s story experience? Such as adding in bonus scenes?

you dont need gem choices for adding bonus scenes. thats just a waste. everyone should be able to see it imo.

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So, I’m part of the 85% that can’t see user gem choices. Sometimes it’s obvious when reading a story that a choice is supposed to have gems (e.g “Support the author” or “Top your points up”) but sometimes it isn’t. I read one story where I wouldn’t have known the following choice was for gems if there hadn’t been an author note beforehand explaining that gem choices don’t impact the storyline.

If I could see gem choices, then it would very much depend on the choice. I like choices where I can top my points up or gain something that I missed out on due to my previous bad decisions lol. I don’t really mind bonus scenes either (that don’t impact the storyline) because at least the author put some effort into the bonus content.
I don’t like “support the author” choices.


I’m also in the 85% who can’t see gems, so at the moment, I completely don’t care. I click on anything that I think is a gem choice, even “support the author,” just because I can.

If I was in the 15%, I probably wouldn’t care that much either, because I’d then avoid any gem choices. I’m cheap af. I’d only dislike them if it was incessant (cough) like the featured stories (cough).

But in principle, here’s what I think are good and bad opportunities for them:


  • Cosmetic things like slightly better outfits
  • Bonus scenes that don’t affect the ending but are fun to read
  • Skip minigames (like ELx said)


  • Small score boosts, especially if they’re not too plot-relevant and are mostly for bonus scenes anyway


  • Better endings for gem payers reality is already pay-to-win, I play games to get away from that shit
  • “Support the author” (come on, it’s not hard to just make a fun bonus scene and have them pay to see that, ya lazy goof)

I have no problem with community writers using gem choices…I sure wont spend my gems on them but whatever

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“Support the author” choices are just plain annoying. Other than that, I’m not really bothered by gem choices in user stories, because the community tends to use them for better purposes than featured stories.


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