What do you think of when you hear this title?

What do you think about when you hear the title ‘Beautiful Creatures’ ??? It’s the name of my story (and yes I know its the title of a movie).

It’s just, so many times I have started writing but then stopped and changed the entire plot because I didn’t like it or find it engaging :thinking: and normally I would just delete the story and wait til a different idea comes to mind, but I have a good coded intro and I dont wanna waste it.

Do you think I should just archive it and wait for a good story plot for it to come into my mind? Let me know below

Lmao sorry im annoying yall with these threads :rofl:


I love it

I think it sounds really good. I dont think you should waste your idea! Get your talent out onto dat story :heart: when I see this title I think of something that is in human but is misunderstood in some way or another. If you need any help lovely let me know And I’ll try and good luck! X


@K.Logan @BEEBS07 thanks :relaxed:


@BEEBS07 but in all honesty, idk what to do for the story… I wanna write something with the title but idk what

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I’ll be brutally honest because I thought of a lot of things, ranging from either an incredibly stunning and meaningful message or the promotion of furries (the meme world has messed me up and I wish I didn’t even know they exist). I wish I was joking :sneezing_face:

Let’s just go with the former lmao

Also don’t waste the potential of a great story and don’t get discouraged! Continue to write as long as you’re passionate about your ideas :))


I could talk in a PM with you on what to maybe rewrite it into.

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sure, im open to ideas :sneezing_face:

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I can try and help If you like? X


sure! wanna pm @Danielle318 and @BEEBS07 ???

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Yeah! Do you want to do one togehter? @BEEBS07 @Jubels

Should I open a message between me you and @Danielle318?

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It sounds like it’s gonna be about people with superpowers! or like twilight romance

Ok, I’m going to tell you the first idea that came to my mind when I read the title.

MC is a beautiful girl, but she is really girly. She likes pink, puppies, fancy clothes etc.
She meets a guy (the LI) and falls head over heels in love with him. The only problem is that he is a biologist who is specialised in research on “beautiful creatures”: spiders, snakes, lizzards (it could be anything). The MC is really scared of them but learns to appreciate them in the end.
Throughout the story you could make the MC watch the favorite spider, snake, luzzard of the LI while he is away and the it escapes or something. I think that you can come up with a lot of funny situations the MC gets herself in to.

Well it’s just an idea. Feel free to use it, or not hahaha.


When I hear the title all I imagine is the movie :smiley:

But idk what to expect from an episode story with that title, maybe something supernatural.

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I love the title, it sounds like a dark, Tim Burton fantasy story. Or maybe a melancholy, coming-of-age romance.