What do you think? Religion? Choices? CC?

Hello lovelies! Its been a mintue since I’ve been on the forum. :blush:
So, I am turning a story I started writing years ago into an Episode story, the story isn’t completed, but I usually create as ideas pop into my head. I’ve gone through major life changes since I’ve started this, specifically spiritually, so I intend to incorporate that into this creation. I have a few questions for you all, would you mind a religious based Episode story? And also, I’ve recently decided that although the choices throughout would affect the storyline, would it be a deal breaker if there are not as many choices as say the average Episode story would have? I have an idea of how I’d like the characters to look as well, so CC may or may not be an option, but that could very well change… Let me know thoughts on this! :speak_no_evil:

I’d say go for it. The average Episode story happens because the vocal minority of people will actively tell you, you need to have full CC and so many choices per episode.

Only put choices in if you feel it would work, don’t just do it because you think you need so many per episode. Only put in CC if you’re not fussed about certain features of your characters.

Maybe have a warning about religious content for those who are religion adverse?

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That actually helps with the anxiety about sharing this story with Episode… I want ppl to be interested without changing too much of what I’m set on. And I never thought to add a warning beforehand concerning the religious aspect, thank you :blush:

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