What do you use to make covers?

I am trying to make a cover but not sure how! What do you use?

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These are the main ones I use :slight_smile:

THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! Honestly, it’s so hard to find a good one!

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I know :sob::sob: you’re welcome!

If you are also looking to make covers on your computer two great websites are:

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thank you!!

Yup! Hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

thank you! :slight_smile:

I use a website called Canva.

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Thanks! I’ll look at all of these

This really helped!!!

THE APPS ARE SO EASY TO USE! Thank you so much!

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Canva was perfect. I used the other apps and websites for the editing and used Canva to finalize!

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I also use Canva :grinning:

@ryan please close this for me? I made the cover I need.

I use befunky (mentioned above), with a combination of LunaPic for cutting out transparent images.

@LivLoveDance7 Canva is also a great website!!

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you’re welcome!!

Closed per OP request :v:t2: