What do You Use To Write?

  • Mobile Creator on Phone
  • Web Creator on Mobile
  • Web Creator on Desktop
  • Mobile Creator on Desktop (using a phone desktop)

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I was just a bit curious since my friend uses Mobile Creator on Desktop using a android desktop and I’m there begging for a laptop and having to use Web Creator on phone😒
So if you answer I’d be grateful. I’m just curious that all.

Depends what I have and where I am. When I’m out and I want to write, I use my phone to write and when I’m home, I use a laptop or my tablet. :slight_smile:

Yeah, I thinking of begging my parents for a laptop since its REALLY hard to write stories on my phone. I write limelight stories so I can’t use mobile creator.:anguished::cry:

I didn’t even know it was possible. :joy: I tried once just to edit something and my phone wouldn’t let me scroll.


Mine won’t let me scroll either, but I do sometimes use it to edit when I don’t have access to my PC.
It’s… difficult. To say the least.

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I’m using the web creator on mobile and my 9.6-inch tablet as well. It’s complicated at times but I’m managing somehow.

I use the Web creator in my phone to write but I edit everything using the web creator on my laptop. I use my phone because I’m always on my phone and it’s easier for me :joy:

What I do is that I just use ‘Track Script’ with the previewer and it will scroll down for me automatically.

Ah when I tried to use my phone it was back when there was no previewer.

Oh, the previewer is a life saver.

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