What do you want from me? What do you want from stories?

Hey guys,

So I’m currently writing my own story, I’m about 5 chapters in. It includes romance, drama and a bit of mystery as i want to do something a bit different. Is there anything in particular you like when reading authors stories? Is there anything you majorly dislike? I want to try and make my story appeal to everyone, is there something that you really want to see in a story that hasn’t been done yet? As I’ve said, I’m only 5 chapters in, so i definitely have a long way to go. I just don’t want to write the typical (as much as i love them) “cliche” romance story. Any suggestions or ideas would be truly lovely. :two_hearts:


Make use of subplots. They help spur the story along and just make it all really interesting, plus you don’t find many clever subplots in Episode stories (If that is the platform you’re writing on at least)

Hey, thanks so much for this. I completely agree with what you’ve said. I do have a few subplots i want to use. This will be on episode, it’s just trying to not make them so full on, or predictable I’m finding a little difficult at the moment

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If you need any help feel free to pm me

Thank you so much, i will keep this in mind (you’ll probably get fed up of me messaging you eventually though!). I’ll most definitely take what you have said o board though. I know how it feel to read similar/predictable stories, i kinda wanted to do something fresh.

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Try not to use overused plots or ideas. Be original. What do you want your story to convey? For romance, I prefer the slow-burn type cuz it’s more realistic. Your characters should also have some sort of relatability. Last but not least, be creative with directing.


Thank you so much, honestly i love hearing what everyone thinks! I also couldn’t agree more with what you have said, I’m not fond of a rushed romance either, this is definitely something i have been thinking about.

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:joy: Don’t worry about it

Show don’t tell. Something that really annoys me as a reader is overly unnecessary narration. Don’t get me wrong narration is fine (I use it in my stories) but for me don’t introduce characters with it. E.g. “this is Amanda, she’s been your best friend for years…” or tell the whole story context with it, “I moved to New York 5 years ago after my boyfriend broke up with me.” Show this in the story, through dialogue or flashbacks etc.

I have too many suggestions to write lol, what’s your story called? I’ll have a look out for it!

Thank you so much for this, i honestly read what you have said and understood completely what you were on about. I like it when things happen naturally, i find myself exiting the story if there is too much narrative - the characters are just stood idle in the background! My story is called out of your league, i want to have it so each choice alternates the story and you can pick up clues as you go along, or maybe uncover some secrets about your friends and class mates. The clues will also help figure out the main plot line, but the plot line won’t be introduced for a while as i want everyone to see my characters develop a bit more

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Thank you so much! I completely agree, was there anything else? Maybe anything thst really annoys you, or anything you look for in a story?