What do you want in a contest?


My name is Amani and @K_Artist2001 and I want to create a contest on the forums.
While trying to find a theme, we decided that we think it should be up to YOU! The Writers!

We wanted you guys to choose what to write about. Here is the form:

Just choose! The most liked wins. We will post the results in a week with a new thread telling you the rules and guidelines.


All this idea thanks to @Alex_af

App: separate contest shelves for popular and aspiring authors

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I’ve submitted and I’d love to enter! :smile::blush:


Yay! Thank you!


No problem. Let me know if I can help out in any way, like judging or anything else! :wink:


ok. We will get back to you .


Okay. :blush:


Be sure to spread the word! And thank you for your support!


No problem. I’ll try where I can. I don’t know where though lol, sorry. :smile:


It’s okay!


We also have an instagram for updates and info for the contest! look for @forumcontest on instagram!


This is a great idea. Maybe I will join a future contest.


I’ve submitted! This is a nice opportunity.


I’ve submitted mine


Thank you! Don’t forget to follow on Instagram for updates and to spread the word about the contest! :blush:




The results will be posted on the 28th of April, Saturday. Please keep posted for the official theme NEXT SATURDAY.


I like these ideas for writing contests not sponsored by Episode. It gives newer writers with less reads a chance. I am entering the new Episode writers contest, so I can’t enter this one. If you do it again, I would considering entering.


that’s ok. You can still vote though, this isn’t the contest, just the theme ideas contest


Oh I definitely voted.


Hey guys! The contest is up!!