What do you want in a short romance story?

@Sydney_H or @Jeremy please tell me if this is in the right section thank you!

As said in the title ^
For you readers and authors, what would you like in a short romance story?

Ive got questions for you
  • Anything that makes you read the story:
  • Would you read a story that is a little bit cliche?
  • Do you like stories that DOESNT involve with gangs and student-teacher relationship?
  • What are your most favorite things in a story
  • What is your favorite romance story?

Should I make my story in?

  • INK f0r3v3r
  • LIMELIGHT is the boss!
  • CLASSIC is classic the best!

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Should my episode cover be?

  • Large and Small covers drawn
  • Large cover drawn and small cover edited
  • Small cover drawn and large cover edited
  • Large and small covers edited

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With love, @MariG

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