What do you want in an episode story?

I’m planning on writing a story and was wondering what people are interested in reading? Do you prefer a story to have advanced spot directing, good grammar, or just a good plot? What types or themes of stories do you want to see more of?

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I think a good plot and something that the readers aren’t expecting is always something I like reading, because it makes me want to read more of the story to find out what happens next. Also please always have good grammer in your stories.


Do you think punctuation is important? I don’t mean things like commas, but do you feel it is necessary to have a period at the end of each speech bubble.

I think of it as when we talk we use sentences and sentences have periods at the end of them. So I feel that yes you should put periods at the end of each speech bubble because of that reason, and also it would look more natural becasue when we read other books, that’s how they’re writen. If that makes sense?


No, I understand what you are saying. It’s very true. As an ending, do you think it is necessary for the characters to get married and have kids? Is it okay to do that? The reason I’m asking so much is cause I just want to write a story that people will enjoy.

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Yeah I think that’s always a cute ending. I personally do enjoy stories like that. You’ll have to tell me the name of your story now, I’m interested in reading it.:joy:

Yay, I have finally found another person who likes those types of endings. I personally like to see those types of ending, but a lot of other people don’t agree with me. I know that it’s not really common, and a lot of people feel that in real life those types of things don’t happen, but when I read a story I really don’t care about if it could actually happen in real life or not! I know this is not really related to this topic, but what are some of your favorite stories on episode?

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I like good grammar & plot.
The directing doesn’t have to be amazing, just decent :slight_smile: .
I honestly usually stay away from stories that don’t have some type of romance.
I love romance and it doesn’t have to be the defining element but it must be a factor for me personally.

Just going to but in here and say yes!!! I thought this was so pointless when I first started but trust me, it makes so much more of a difference when you add all your full stops

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I love marriage & kids being an ending.

An engaging, non-cliché story with lots of choices that really matter! I’ll take any genre at this point :sweat_smile:

What I prefer in an Episode story… honestly, an Episode story is the best when an author invests their time and effort into it. Don’t write a story for the readers to enjoy, write one that you will enjoy. If you don’t, you have nothing motivating you to continue on except for the readers (and it’s very unlikely that you will instantly gain hundreds of readers overnight).

What I want are stories that are not copies of another cliche on Episode, one the author has asked a plot or story reviewer to help their story before publishing. I want something that’s developed. It’s unreasonable to ask for someone to write completely original stories at this point, because cliches are unavoidable, and if used correctly, can actually benefit your story. My problem with plot holes aren’t that it’s there, even the best stories can have plot problems… it’s that if someone points it out, it’s noticeable.

Realistic characters are a must. Do not say that they are afraid of snakes one moment, and the next, rescuing villagers from a gigantic snake without a hint of fear. If needed, use character profile sheets or development charts.

At least basic grammar is needed for me to continue a story, like capitalization, punctuation, and a use of new vocabulary words. If you aren’t the best at grammar, ask for an editing partner. There are countless people, and at the end, it’s going to make your story better.

I tend to read action, adventure, mystery, fantasy horror, or historical fiction more than any other, but that doesn’t mean I won’t read anything else. Overall, you should write your story based on what genre you think it belongs in, not the readers. When you purposely place your story in say, the romance section, when it’s actually horror, you’re targeting the wrong audience. The people who read horror might dislike it and that might make you quit, but the people who read romance might like it.

Of course, most people want to read a story with advanced directing, but personally, I don’t think that’s the most important part. I’m not staying for a story if the plot itself is decent; the directing should be an add on that makes your story shine. It shouldn’t be the main reason someone stays though. I’m not asking for advanced directing, but what I do want is a basic sense of directing. Don’t have background characters standing on top of the characters in the front, panning errors, add a few zooms, have choices that matter (or at least seem like they do.)

If anyone has any questions about why I wrote something, feel free to tag or PM me. ^-^


Some stories I really enjoyed were The Last Goodbye by Joseph Evans, Jealousy in High Heels by Linasofia, Spotlight: Both Sides of Me by Unchartedraider, Hit and Run by Elise C, Why me? by Sophie Alice, and More Than This by Catherine Archeron.

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And then a lot of the stories Episode Offical writes too.:+1:t2:

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How much dressing options do you prefer?
I am a type of person who doesn’t like when there are like 12 outfits to pick from.
Do you think the author should allow you to pick a name for the main character, or are you okay with the author already picking a name?
I don’t really care that much about the name of a character, but I know people who prefer to create their own names for the characters.


How much dressing options do you prefer?
I used to love getting a whole wardrobe, but I have a compulsion to try every outfit before I make a final decision, which gets pretty time consuming. So nowadays I don’t even care if I never get given an outfit choice lol
Do you think the author should allow you to pick a name for the main character, or are you okay with the author already picking a name?
I don’t like picking a name, because I don’t like entering my own, so I make them up and I always end up having the same name as like a pre-existing character and it gets confusing.

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For wardrobe choices I honestly would say 3 is a good number of choices.
& you can deffo choose the name. I don’t think it would matter to me if the name was already chosen. With big stories, a lot of them have names chosen and it’s much better to say a character name like Alexandra from Chain Reaction Lost then to say MC of tbh.


What’s your favorite type of episode style ink, limelight, or classic?

Ink for sure!!:slight_smile:

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Ink all the way!