What do you want in an episode story?

I prefer a good plot over advance spot directing and such. I do really prefer good grammar, too. Both is always a treat, too. I wish there were more stories where romance wasn’t the focus. I want a good story without the whole “Maybe they love me! Maybe I love them! Maybe they hates me! Maybe I hate them!” Sort of common theming. They can be good, don’t get me wrong, but I want more different and not love based stories.

Mine is Limelight sorry guys :grimacing:

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I agree I don’t like having so many options because then I want to look at them all and most authors have it were the character walks of the screen and then changes, comes on the screen and then does the full body pan up. It just takes to much time, even tho it looks good. I would say two outfit options at the least and five or six at the most.

I honestly don’t care if I can’t change the character’s name, it doesn’t bother me.


Great plot, good directing and good grammar (I can be a little more lenient if English is not your first language but it is always recommended to get a beta reader or use spell check or grammarly). I am impressed with advanced directing but I know not everyone can do that and I am just learning myself. I like to see different plots not just the cliche or repetitive type of plots too.

Yes, I wonder if it is a language thing because I heard people tell me who English is not their first language that they did not always use periods when they wrote because it was not that common in their language. Did I hear this correct? Can anyone comment on this?

Sure I think that is nice. It is not necessary but if you feel it is right for your characters, it’s good.

Great response!!!

Some people like to pick the name of the character and others don’t. I think it is better to give the choice when you are customizing the character because you are not only giving them the choice of how to make their character look but what they want to name them. I wouldn’t have patience, to be honest, to code as a writer or read and view 12 outfits, but it is nice to have choices.


Do you prefer to customize characters?

Classic by far, which isn’t a very popular opinion :grimacing::smile:

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What really brings me to enjoy a story is:

  1. Great directing. Since visual presentation is the whole purpose of the Episode app, I love to see great and unique directing. It does take time to learn and write it well, but it’s worth more than anything.
  2. Good grammar. Of course I don’t mean advanced English or anything like that as I myself am not a native English speaker. However, I would say the basics are a must for me to be able to understand the story and its characters. Punctuation should be included as well because it makes reading much easier.
  3. Planned and reasonable plot. As most readers, I’ve grown tired of seeing the same old cliche stories on the shelves. What irritates me the most is the fact that some authors don’t take their time to explain the characters’ backgrounds and personal development or give certain characters any purpose to the story at all. Character and unique plot development is another must to make your story stand out from the crowd.

Honestly, I would love to see a story on Episode which had a MC who was a witch. Even male MC stories would be fun to read. The plot would have to be interesting and honestly, I love cliffhangers-they’re good to have even if readers do hate them lol because it draws a reader in to want more. Also, yes, double check grammar always, if English isn’t your first language and you happen to be struggling, getting a proofreader would help and get your awesome story out there. Also, directing should be nice-zooms, spot directing done smoothly. It doesn’t need to be super advanced, in my opinion. Also, it is optional if you want to add overlays to dazzle your lovely readers. Personally, for me, overlays are not needed in a story-you can add them but a story can be good without overlays and non-Episode backgrounds. Heck, a story that has only Episode backgrounds can end up being really good if the plot is freaking epic. Much love, JemU776 :blue_heart:

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