What do YOU want to read about?


I’m thinking of writing a new story quite soon, but I’m afraid it’s going to disappear into the millions of other stories simply because it isn’t interesting enough. So while I of course want to write about the things I find interesting, I would also like to know what most readers would like to read about, it would mean a lot if I could get some answers!

What do you want to read about/what do you think people should include more of in their stories?

I’d love to hear what you think! :kissing_heart:

Personally just write what you feel is inspiring.
As long as the plot and character development are decent, I’ll take a look at it and read.

But if you do want to please the crowd, do something different/not thought of before. Original stories/ideas seem to tempt a lot of people. Biggest tip though is to just generally avoid too many cliches, they get old really fast, and the story will just eventually disappear into all other stories.


I completely agree here with @AllieM. Good quality stories with a decent plot and backup research is what this app definitely lacks. All the featured stories are full of cliches that are not interpreted in a new unexpected way. I would say go with your heart but make sure to do a decent job :wink:

And good luck!


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@AllieM @Alex_Af
Thanks you guys, exactly the kind of encouragement I needed. :blush:


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In my opinion, you should write what you feel. Or, you could think of something important in your life and turn it into a story and make the story have solutions you would never have thought of doing when it happened to you. Just a thought.

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