What do you want to see in a challenge for a reality tv show

My upcoming story is about a reality show between multiple kind (MC (human); werewolf, alien. witch, thor…v.v)

so what challenge do you think they should do?

See who is the best species. Or maybe they can fight each other for some reward and it’s all being recorded, and they never knew. Just a few ideas.

hmm, interesting…
I dont know… should I develop the way they do challenge like normal or a little bit more weird…

A little bit weird would probably get the readers attention.

0,0 i cant think of anything…

hmm, what about stuck in a maze and try to figure it out, using their mind or maybe their poweR?

That sounds good.

do you have any ideal .-.’’ beside of that, I can’t think of anything else

I’m in class so I have to go :sweat_smile: Sorry.

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they could do challanges from audience, or something that will only work if you use team work :thinking: