What do you want to see in a K-pop story?

I wonder what kind of things readers of a K-pop story would enjoy?


I’m not really sure what a k-pop story is, but if it includes like the music genre, maybe add popular k-pop groups like BTS or BLACKPINK. You might want to add things of the Korean culture in your story (if you’re not Korean, you might want to do more research on Korea). By “things of Korean culture”, I mean like have the mc eat Korean food, have some phrases in Korean (with a translation shown), or something like that. Not sure how helpful this response was, but hopefully this helped you in some way! :smiling_face:


I agree with the above. Having Korean culture represented in your story is a must if you want to write something about K-Pop. Whether you’re writing about becoming an Idol, meeting an Idol, or even a mystery about a murder on the stage, I’m sure people would be happy seeing that representation come to life.

Please be mindful though, as there are strict rules concerning real people and celebrities on Episode. That includes what you can and can’t put in your story. I’ve seen too many K-Pop stories with real people in them.


Oh wow, I wasn’t aware of the listed rules. Thanks for showing the guidelines, I will make sure to keep mind of these rules.

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omg these are so good thank you!!

Woah, thank you for showing the guidelines this is very helpful! :smiling_face:

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If an author wants to write about K-Pop, they should try to research not just Korean culture and Korea’s language, but also research what the industry is like. Many people thing the industry is either super great or super horrible, when in reality, the industry is a spectrum of gray.

As @LyraKeiken mentioned, there’s a lot of rules regarding the mention of celebrities. It might be better to just come up with completely unique artists for your story, so that you don’t run into any issues. If you’re wanting to know how to write idol groups, take a look at the website Kprofiles, which has (mostly) up-to-date profiles for hundreds, if not, thousands of K-Pop artists. It might be good reference for creating original characters. : )