What do you want to see in a story?

Hey so recently I have been wondering what do you guys as a community want to see in a story. aside from the obvious like it having good spelling, being well written and well directed I mean plots, ideas ect:
Or even things you can reply what you don’t want to see.
Please reply what do you think would be cool.

And also I am having a little bit of writers block
So any ideas are welcome :smile:

Let me Know any clichés to avoid as well when writing a bad girl story

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Ment to write “reply with things you don’t want to see as well”

Interesting stories
It all depends on what genre u write your story in. Which genre r u writing in?

Girl power is shownnnn. A story without a pathetic MC who wants a guy desperately although he treats her like crap. More strong, independent female lead and not being a bitch or violent.
Plots, well, maybe sth about action bcuz this section is pretty poor in Episode :<
Things I don’t want to see are clichés, bad boys gangsters criminals, weak female lead, student teacher relationships blah blah things related to these tho.


Hmm… I like to see a lot of drama and maybe an influential and powerful female character? I always like seeing when the female completely obliterates a male character. There are a couple of other things but they are things like what you listed above. Anyway, good luck to your story!

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I want to see a white girl who struggles with racism, I am a white girl and I get bullied for my skin color.

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Sorry for the late reply. I am writing a drama/Action

Ok thanks for the reply. that actually really helped haha

I don’t want to see another high school drama maybe switch it up like use middle schoolers or add in more diversity.

Hmmm yeah that seems like a good idea! thanks

They do

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