What do you want to see more of in Episode?



What do you want to see more of?

There are threads which say what you’d rather not to see in stories. So what would you prefer to see?

Leave your suggestions/opinions below!


NO more bad boy stories!!


I mean, something unique~~


More LGBT+ or more informative stories about people’s real struggles in life, which people can relate to. Also, more original ideas. :smile:


I would prefer to see some nice plot pacing and character development. Also I love cliffhangers!(I’m more bound to read it when I cannot wait to see what happens to the MC.)


Something with originality that doesn’t involve choosing between 3 boys who are “very different” from each other I would like maybe even a story that doesn’t have a love interest and centres around friendship.


everything on Epsiode is romance centered. I’ve had a friend delete Epsiode because she couldn’t find a story without romance. there’s different genres for a reason.

it would be nice if Epsiode released some stories that don’t have any romance at all. Perhaps about friendship or family?


A lot of people seem to be fed up with those!


Right, that’s why I said NO


Yeah, it would be nice to for once read a story that has no romance what so ever but I know id I’d make a one no one on Episode will read it lol it’s weird if you ask me, Episode don’t even make featured Horror and Thriller stories there are only user ones like they’re afraid to make something that isn’t romantic?


Well, Horror and Thriller are scary Genres and they want the readers (the younger ones) to feel more vibrant and happy and don’t get any ideas, know what I’m 'sayin??


I think you should go for it, write your story the way you want it! It doesn’t really matter about the reads because with time and persuasion people will read it :smiley:

I’d like to see more Thriller stories because I haven’t read a good one


That’s true, maybe they should feature one but say at the start like ‘this is not for the light-hearted’ or ‘recommended for 13+’ or something.


But these are 2 whole genres Episode don’t write to, there are a lot of horror and thriller stories it’s not like there’s a problem with people “getting scared”


Well, the youngest reads are the 13 year olds.


The app is for 13+ that’s pretty stupid, because all readers are supposed to be 13+ years old even if not everybody are, it’s the app’s rules…


It was just a for instance


Also, there used to be a thread at announcements that cleared up pretty good how people shouldn’t make stories for people over 13 (like make the story 16+ or 18+ etc)


Yeah, I agree.


Isn’t it allowed to be ages 12+ though? Just wondering