What Do You Wish There were More Stories About?

Hello there,

What is something you wish to see more of in other peoples episodes? For example, I would like to see more stories that don’t involve love interests all the time. I’d also like to see more stories involving kids. Not just pregnancy, but like…have you ever seen a story with a plot that mainly involved kids? I think it would be a cute idea.

So what are some more plot ideas or types of characters or anything you’d like to see more of? Feel free to promote your story as well!


Well, to be honest, stories that involve addiction and getting involved with the wrong groups of people and etc. For some reason, I like those because there’s always some interesting things that occur that lead a person to getting to where they are now. Check out my story OverDosed by Phoenix. I wrote just about that.


Will do!


I’d love to see more stories, where the main characters have a healthy relationship with their parents, siblings, partners, you name it. most of the stories I read, sadly have a toxic relationship. I know that this is absolutely normal in real life, but somehow I think it’s used a lot? :blush:


More stories that don’t revolve around romance and/or pregnancy. They are the most overused stories here.

I would like to see more science fiction/fantasy type stories and more rags to riches similar to the Demi Lovato series. Kind of like small town person to Hollywood superstar. But I am also down for a good drama as well, just as long as it doesn’t involve romance or where romance is the focal point of the story.


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I’d like to see more adventure stories.


I would love to see more stories about a romance between a shy guy and a confident/flirty girl.

I would also love to see more action stories that don’t involve the mafia at all.


I’d love to see more historically accurate stories
Maybe some Greek recreations of myths and such
I’d be really interested

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more stories about friendship and family finding their dreams and passionate not just always about love. :roll_eyes:

Stories about sports, cooking mc independent and strong, social awkward love interest.


Why does everything have to be about love?
Why not love for pets and animals why just a human being it’s :joy::joy::joy:


-story that has a relatable MC and is focusing on their life and struggles

-story with no romance, where MC is just fine and happy with being alone

-story that focuses on MCs and LLs relationship, cute things they do together and generally seeing a healthy relationship, usually the relationship is rushed and toxic

-story where we see character development for MC, for example they did something terrible, went the wrong way in life, followed the wrong crowd and we see their journey in becoming a better person or maybe they never change and we get the sad ending and reality for some people


The main character in my story is in a healthy/happy relationship and also has a strong relationship with her parents and sister :slight_smile:
I’ll leave my story here for you, incase you’re interested.

Title: Hollywood Dreams
Description: You, an aspiring photographer, follow your long term partner to Hollywood where fame, friendships, lust and betrayal wait for you at every corner. (Full CC, male/female LI, mini games)
Genre: drama/romance
Style: Limelight
Link: http://episodeinteractive.com/s/6551039647219712


More stories that take place in England, it’s always the US and I’m working on a story that takes place in England, but yeah more British characters maybe. A change of scenery


You should read some of Marianna Escalante’s work! She isn’t that known yet and her stories center around family, friendship and finding their dreams and stuff. They also have a lot of kids in them too lol.


okay thanks well look into her work.

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Yeah I definitely agree.

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I read a fun ‘reality dating show’ story and I haven’t been able to find anything similar since.

I would also love more historical fictions with strong female leads.


I felt that! I do want to dive into more stories about a girl who has goals. The goal not being the whole “shy girl gets the popular bad boy” narrative. Not only is it overused but realistically i wouldn’t go for that. We need more stories about women who have standards and wouldn’t fall for someone who didn’t have their stuff together.


Definitely will read!