What does a story need to have for you to read it?

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Hey alexwritesit,

  • The story has to be unique → something the reader will be captivated about… (not the same kind of storyline and plot as all the other authors);

  • MC and LI don’t love each other too quick. Slowburn relationships are my thing. Rather like to see a story where MC and LI admit the love to each other in episode 15, than in episode 1 or 2;

  • No whole day description about the MC → No, MC waking up and describing the whole day, every episode;
  • drama everywhere → Some authors put 4 or 5 drama-events in every episode. Please, don’t. There is no need to put 5 drama-events in every episode. Give the MC also a break to breathe;

  • your character → you may use your own character in the story, but not in every episode. Some readers find it quite annoying if you put your character out there in the story every episode. And for me Just being honest I find it quite annoying if I am reading a story and the authors character is taking half of the time to say something outside the story, while you can put that at the end during a QuestionandAnswers-session. It’s distracting and annoying.

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I really like stories that use custom backgrounds and overlays. Especially when they’re realistic, i get so immersed. Using episode bgs are totally fine, I just love the details of custom ones!


Most Episode readers prefer cliché girl meets boy romance only story plot. I much prefer something totally original and unique.


DIrecting must flow and transition from different angles and scenary. One of the most important aspects of a story is the dialogue and story line. I give the 5minute hit or quit. If the dialogue does not flow like a conversation, I cannot get immersed in the story. Yeah, the gang leader concept seems to be the go to storyline on Episode, but if there is a unique twist to it, I don’t mind reading the same theme. Last but not least, customation is a MUST! I don’t care if the character is not me, let me create the characters how I want to see them for my reading enjoyment.


I like stories with meaningful friendships, that don’t just have a ‘crazy best friend’. Also, directing matters a lot to me, personally - when I’m writing stories and when I’m reading stories.


I just have to become emotionally invested in the characters in order to want to keep reading a story.

Good directing.

Dialogue that just flows and feels real.

Humor that’s just… funny to me.

A perfect balance between originality and relatability .

Perfect pace— not too rushed but not slow and dragging.


man oh man is this my time.

I like all genre and themes of stories, even if it’s been reused and recycled, so long as the author puts their own spin and flavor onto it to make it interesting.

I prefer funny stories above all else. Even if your story is a romance or drama story for me it has to be funny.

I like stories with good and advanced directing. it doesn’t have to be top tier but it has to be decent at the least.

I do not like stories with choices that are too similar. Like I like reading stories where choices matter, but if the choices are far too similar in which you cant tell AT ALL the difference between them, I won’t read.

And lastly, a bit of a rant here, I CANNOT STAND stories with controlling/ super possessive/ MURDEROUS love interest?! Like- don’t get me wrong, although its over used I don’t mind reading a mafia story and I understand that stories like that come with LI that make some very questionable choices, but I usually lean more toward ones that sensible choices rather than heartless ones. And while I know that doesn’t depict the actual mafia that is in the real world, its worth to note it’s fictional story and doesn’t have to hold real world values and occurrences. ( Which is why IG people are okay with writing love interest as murders)