What does advanced directing consist of?

I hear everyone talk about advanced directing but nobody says what your story needs to have in order to be advanced. So, does anyone know? :rofl:

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Spot directing, advanced zooms, use of multiple overlays at the same time and spot directing them as well, making characters speak while a scene is playing around them.
Those are the one i know of! Hope that helped!




Advanced directing is like making your scenes more realistic. In order for you to do that, you’re gonna need:

  • Zoom
  • Music/Sound
  • Backgrounds and Overlays - animating them. (opacity, shift, scale, timing, etc. as well as looping backgrounds)
  • Spot Directing - placing yr characters and moving them around.
  • Grammar
  • Filters - can be used for flash backs.
  • Weather Effects
  • Props Usgae
  • Transitions.
  • Point System - optional
  • Choices - have couple choices in each episode/chapter
  • Branch Choices (intermidiate directing) - just leaving this here, so it’s optional if u are also an intermidate coder.

Ohh thanks Lana!

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