What does #beat starts do?


Does it do anything? Is it like @pause for a beat? I always see it on top of my script.


Are you creating your story on mobile creation then looking at it online?


The story was originally created from that, now that you mentioned it haha. Why you ask?


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I started a mobile creation before. It is just how mobile creation is set out online. It’s not an issue. It’s saying that one beat ends and the next starts whereas writing it on the portal doesn’t use that formatting.


I don’t know for what reason it’s at the top, but @pause for a beat just pauses the story for 1 second (prevents anything new from happening).


The pound/hashtag sign is used to write notes in the script, so #beat starts is just a note saying that the next beat starts/ends there. It really doesn’t mean anything and you can delete all of those in your script if you want


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