What does diversity stand for?


What do you think diversity stands for? The token black friend? The portrayal of stereo types, the random Asian nerds that pop up for two seconds. The girl with the hijab that is literally shift_weight for the next 20+ scenes?

DISCUSSION: Diversity Episode

Diversity simply means equally in my opinion :slight_smile: If an author has a diverse story, then they are looking at the bigger picture. We’re all human beings.


You’re literally wiser than my grandma, and low key she is older than the dinosaurs. If she sees this comment, she’d whoop my ass.


Yes! And if the author has a diverse story that mean that there is more common with a reality!
If the world was everything equal, I thinks it will be boring! So much boring!
The diversity is beautiful and much different, made us more special


That’s deeper than the ocean. :heart:


Just what I think :blush: , what the diversity means to you?


Everything beautiful you just typed up. :heart:


Well, I’m happy for we have the same ideas. :heart:


I don’t know why some person complain about the diversity on stories.


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Diversity: People of not only different races, but different back stories and backgrounds. Of different traumas and life experiences. Different beliefs, different hopes, and different dreams.


None of those things. Forced diversity can do more harm than good. It creates negative stereotypes.


Diversity is a vast representation of humanity as a whole. Not just race, sexuality, or religion. It’s food, fashion, age, ability, experiences, dreams, hopes, love, and lives overall.


Which is why Black Panther only becomes a diverse story when you take it in the context of all marvel films. Otherwise it’s only got one non-black main xD


Which - might I add - is a great complaint to have! I mean, I can’t think of any other BRILLIANT films which are driven by a proactive black cast!


Yes, that’s the good thing! And everyone loves it too, if I may add