What does episode zoom into my backgrounds when I preview my story on mobile, but not on a laptop?

Hi, so, this is a question I’ve been wanting to ask for a long time now, but haven
to had the chance to do so yet, so…

Every time I preview my story on my laptop in the script part, my backgrounds look normal, everything is perfect. However, when I do so on my phone, it zooms into my already made background and cuts off some of the words I put there (it was a content warning, intro and outro I created myself)
Please can someone help me with this or give some general advice, thank you,
Apple (iyanu.writes on Episode)


I think it might be a device bug :thinking: I recommend trying to preview it on another device or ask someone to do it for you on theirs. If it works normally for them, then it’s your phone that’s got the issue. In that case you should submit a ticket to the Episode team :slight_smile: Hope this helps.

Have you typed the script correctly because it happens that sometimes we write and forget to reset the zoom…so you should always mention that in scenes where you don’t want your zooms…Hope this helps

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Hi! I recommend putting

@zoom reset

At the beginning of every scene.

As everyone else set, zoom reset. And then put fill for all devices? Because some devices like tablets have that problem. So yeah

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