What does "Error: libpng error: IDAT: inalid distance too far back" mean?

My script was working just fine but all of a sudden that error ^^ popped up and it won’t let me play the rest of my script. I thought it was because I was using a lot of overlays, but its still not working. Can anyone please help me? xx

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Hi can you make screenshot of the script in the place where it shows the error (the little red cros on dle left side of the script…sometimes the problem is not on the same line as the cross but below it…I only guess you might have problem with placing or spotting for example wrong written number in spoting or missing gap betwen numbers atc. …but without seeing the script I am only guessing.

This doesn’t look like the place with the error…here is mine example…on the left in the window where is the error you click on it and it jumps to line where the problem is.as you see the problematic line is marked with a red cross (or yellow triangle)

I don’t see anything like this in your script…so I am not sure if it what you made screenshot of is the place with the problem.

I thought it might have been because I had fading overlays?

try moving script from line 158 to 167 after the background, maybe this will help

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