What does everyone use for splash’s?

If your a artist like me I’d love to know your tricks!
I have the normal apps like PicsArt,Phonto but I see other people splash’s/covers and they’re so clear and professional! I just take a picture of my character on writers portal then cut the background out, but it’s blurry! What do you use for those types of things? And what do you use to cut the background out without whine lines surrounding the photo.


Like how! :sweat_smile:
The villainous hero’s story is so good and clear :pleading_face:


I use ibis paint x. I used medibang a while ago and it was so blurry.

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I actually use PicsArt and Ibis X


PhotoFiltre 7 (There is a newer version, but 7 is the Freeware)

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These are nicee

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Aren’t they! :crazy_face::sweat_smile:

i actually think about the same thing for the villainious hero’s cover :sob::heart: its so good

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Isn’t it :weary::heart_eyes:

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