What does family mean to you?

Is it important to you?
What is family to you?
Who’s in your family?

Please tell your opinion to it :slight_smile:


Family is very important to me.

I think family are the people who love and care about you no matter what.

My family is my mother, my father and three sisters.


Welp idk I guess family is more of just people in your life that truly care for you. I mean yeah you can have parents and siblings but who knows if you’re treated right or not. But you could have that friend who just loves you and cares and no matter what you say or do they’ll always be there. I mean they may get mad at times but they still love. That’s what I think a family is as well not so much blood related but the people who really cares.


To me too. They support you when you need them and you’ll always try to help them and be there for your family.

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Yes exactly. Things that people can control are important. You can’t control who you’re related to. But you can always treat the people you love the way they deserve. And how you want to treat them.


Ikr that’s why one of my best friends @Chocolate_Obama she’s for real like family to me and I thank her for being in my life even though I don’t tell her all the time :joy:

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Yeah I agree, only I don’t have any friends and my parents and siblings care and love me very much and will always be there (except when they are dead).

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Right it’s great to have a close knit family

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I totally understand
It’s hard to find friends, that really care…

A family, I’d think is a group of people who love each other unconditionally, but it comes with an obligation.

I say this all the time where if me and my sister weren’t related, we would not be friends. We wouldn’t even like each other. Your family is a group of people you’re hinged with and it wasn’t your choice to be with these people at all. Of course, you love your family, but you don’t always have to like them. Lol

May be quite cynical, but it is only what I’ve observed. Family is supposed to be a good thing, but it is often a burden on people. When your family is supposed to be there for you and provide you with unconditional love and support, they don’t always.

I think there is a deeper connection people can have than family, and that is kind of what “family” means now. You hear people sometimes say things like “my friends are my family” and things of that nature. I think that’s the idea. Not that it always actually works all the time. In fact, having “family” outside of your blood more often than not isn’t really “family” at all and people don’t realize it until after they’ve been wronged.

I love my sister, not because I like her at all, but because I literally have to. Family isn’t always a very happy thing, and sometimes it’s never happy. I’d do anything for my sister because that’s just what’s moral. That family never changes.

My biggest beef with my sister, hilariously, is that she doesn’t see that like I do. She thinks I should see her as a person above all others. I disagree. Your family are just people like anybody else. She doesn’t get held to a lower or higher standard because of our involuntary relation. She’s held at the standard I hold her at because of her as a person. And that’s different for no one. I hold my father to the highest standard because he’s proven to me time and time again that that’s where his standard belongs. And not in everything. For example, I don’t trust my dad with money. I don’t trust my sister with secrets.

More details about sister beef

My sister and father never got along really well. I mentioned I don’t trust her with secrets because she twists truths and adds her own spin to stories to change the meaning of the story all the time. My dad does it, too, but he doesn’t straight up make up lies. She’ll mix up context and add or remove details that makes an entire story change. My dad will paraphrase and add his own commentary at the same time, muddying up what may be interpreted.

So she’s naturally made up stories about our family. I won’t go into it, but she was a mean, vicious, hag to our dad. It infuriated me. Infuriated me! But when her third marriage fails, the first thing she did was run to daddy for help. She needs money. Of course, my dad, having my understanding of family (for the most part, we’re not exactly eye to eye on it), helped her, no question. All of a sudden, everything’s peachy. He’s suddenly not an evil son of a bitch.

I’ve always been on my dad’s side. And I remember so clearly her trying to tell me to forget about him, that he’s evil and whatever. So when it’s convenient for her, of course none of her issues with him matter anymore. Now he’s a savior. Ugh…literally makes me livid.

Family is important and essential. But people have to have a real understanding of family before starting their own and they all need guidance and trust from each other. Otherwise, people are brought up, and they’re broken people. I feel like family values have been diminishing as the years go by.

There’s also the familial love and understanding I have for my bestie. I can’t even really explain that. It’s a weird…kindred spirit, sisterly, even-leveled, perfect relationship that hasn’t gone wrong in 12+ years and won’t be going wrong…ever. She’s the only “family” outside my family, and my family refers to her that way, too. Her family on the other hand, doesn’t like me at all, despite telling me to my face that I’m like family. Her mother literally asks her when she’s going to leave me alone. Her grandmother literally thinks that when I or she gets a boyfriend or whatever, then we’ll forget about each other. LOL, cause we’ve never had boyfriends before…? Yeah, whatever.

Anyway, that’s all my thoughts on family at the moment. I am so sorry for possibly being negative, and for the long post. (Honestly, why do I do this??)



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Omg don’t say sorry. They show that you cared and your posts are amazing! And being negative is just real life.
It means that you not only see the beautiful sides, but also that you are honest and speak out problems instead of pretending they are not there. There are many negative (and positive) things in this world and you should not suppress or forget that.

You can’t force people to love you or be for you. That is their decision. Families are those who are there for you because they want to be there for you and not because they have to.

There are many people where the family members do not help or support one that there is.

That’s why you can simply call family those who like you and are there for you. :slight_smile:

I can’t quote the words that are blurred :sob:

There is If you have the chance to have met this special person, never lose it and do not listen to your relatives.
And you can show your families that nothing can break you apart, even if you get boyfriends. :joy:


I mean there are two definitions of family. One - blood related. Well if you ask me my family isnt exactly my favourite. They never cared until i was compelled to move out of there house. More like ran way… and I dont think they can ever actually mean something to me.

Two - The family who isn’t related to you by blood but by heart. Well i love my friends. They are my family. Bestest family ever. They mean the life to me. If it hadnt been for them i wont know what to do. So yep. Gotta love those guys. And along with them my forum family - my daughters, my ex in laws, my to be in laws, my forum bestie and my mom (forum one) and of course my forum boyfriend. Seriously i wont know what to do without all of them so they mean so much to me. And to the above list I’d like to add Jassie and kiwi since they dont fall in any other cateogories there.


Family, to me, isn’t just who you love and care or trust, these are people that are loyal, that help you, care for you and also love you as much as you love them.
It’s very important to me, as much as I deny it sometimes, I cannot actually live life properly, without knowing that people are supporting me.
My mom and Pops, along with my triplet sisters.


Heard. I appreciate your thoughts.

And thanks for the encouragement, lol. <3

Family is pretty complicated. Both unrelated and blood.


Could you live without your blood related family?

What would change in your life?

How is it to have 3 sisters? :open_mouth:

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Family, for me are the people that I am unconsciously connected to. I can talk to them, say anything I want. Most importantly, family represents the people I love and care for.
Family doesn’t necessarily have to be your mom, dad, genetically related people. It can be anyone.

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Good I think, I’m the oldest and the youngest is actually a half sister and she is 13 years younger.
She doesn’t live with my and my other sisters but I’m her second mother or at least that is what my parent say😂.

An other sister I don’t see much anymore because she is always in her room or outside with friends.
My last sister and I are almost always in the living room on our laptop.
I try to make them play episode too but they don’t want to and sometimes one wants to but she can’t speak English well so it is very hard for her and she doesn’t have a phone or tablet.

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Awwww :joy:

Oh I understand

If they don’t want to :woman_shrugging:

You other sister maybe will improve her english and one day she’ll be able to understand everything as well :slight_smile:
Thanks for sharing! :grinning:

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