What does family mean to you?


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Family is very important to me; they’re the ones who I love a lot and I’m so thankful to have them in my life.

Family to me is people (they don’t even need to be related by blood) that are supportive of you, there for you. They don’t put you down, don’t make you feel like trash, they don’t treat you like you’re worthless. They encourage you to follow your dreams (if your goals are evil, then your family should not encourage it! Bad behaviour has consquences). A family is comfortable with one another and can share their problems. A family that lives together in a household can have dinner together, can discuss how their day was, and tell jokes. A family can sit outside on the patio, watch the stars, cook food, listen to music. A family is beautiful when they are there for each other, even in tough times. Together, a family is stronger and together, they can watch family movies. When all family members in a house spend time together, so much happiness and joy is possible. A family is helpful, they help you with your homework or teach you new things like riding a bike. A family is everything that is amazing, wonderful & good in this world.

My brother, sister, mom & dad. And God. And @MidnightMaiden and @Alexmiw

Family is a beautiful word that is not only applied to your loved ones but can be extended to other amazing supportive people & friends you meet in your life who are always there for you, comforting you, telling funny jokes with you and oh man, the list can go on…

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I would love to hear the opinions of others



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