What does it mean when episode buys your story

heyy, i’m new and i’m currently working on my first story. what does it mean when episode “buys” your story / or when they feature it like i’ve heard it so many times but i don’t get it??

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basically the email you first receive is, that your story is being considered of featuring. So you can’t break any guidelines etc. Then if you actually do that and your story is doing well not only in reads but also in readers retention (see https://pocketgems.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/115002424308-What-is-Reader-Retention-?mobile_site=true ). basically it is determined by how many readers the chapters are fully read. Episode contacts you and decide whether you want your story to get featured. If you agree they upload a copy of your story, add some gem choices, new outfits, new features and then it goes for beta testing. If it has a good reader retention then it’s officially featured.

When selling your story to episode doesn’t mean you can’t continue your original story. You just have no power to the featured one.


ahh that makes so much sense thank you smm!


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They “buy” the rights so you don’t actually own the story anymore (can’t upload it elsewhere) and then they’ll create their version of your story and add gem choices and maybe bonus features (like premium clothing options and hair options). E.g Mafia in Manhattan which is newly featured was originally a user story.
Not all stories that have been bought to be official featured stories have been on weekly shelves (I don’t think?).

To be “featured” sometimes people just mean on a weekly shelf. Then you’ll go on a featured shelf on the app (currently there’s a Hidden Gems one) and your story will get visibility for a week (sometimes more). This usually results in stories getting a lot more reads. You still keep your rights. Episode didn’t “buy” the story in this case. You get the email than @AlexandraD mentioned that your story is being considered for featuring but sometimes, they don’t end up featuring it.


thank you so much for explaining, appreciate it💛