What Does Teaser Mean?

Hey guys, so I’m trying to understand what teaser means in the portal where it has “Add” there. Anyone can explain?


Teasers are kind of like how you add a description for your whole story, you can add a description that readers can see before they begin the new chapter that basically talks about what will happen in that chapter.


The thing at the bottom here. If you decide not to use one, it will always default to your main story description.

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Thanks @Dara.Amarie & @Winteronepisode now I understand!

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A teaser is like a short summary of what is going to happen in the next chapter so you can give your readers a little idea of what’s going to happen in the next chapter or just to simply hook your readers

But my teaser doesn’t work. What comes is only my description for the entire story
and I need help with that

@Sydney_H close thread.

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Closed by OP request. :smiley: