What does this command do?

There’s one command from Dara’s cc template I’m confused about.

choice [shouldPaginate: YES]

What does this do? Where is it different from other choice command format? Where/when/how can I use it?

so you know how the CC is formatted, right? with the 6 choices on one page and you can switch pages to select an option. that’s what that code does, I’m pretty sure.

you can use it if you have 6+ choices and you want it to be organized in that way (CC) where readers can switch pages and receive 6 diff. options of each page


I have a color coded thread with visuals if you’re interested in checking it out, here’s a link to it:


Thanks for the info! So basically this this code groups 6 choices into a page, then is it possible to group less than 6 choices in one page? e. g. 4 choices in one page?

No, there can only be 6 choices per page with the exception of the very last page

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